Technical Committee

The VHL Brazil Technical Committee is formed by representatives from certified thematic Brazilian VHL instances, BIREME/PAHO/WHO and the General Coordination of Information and Documents of the Ministry of Health in Brazil. The first Meeting of the VHL Brazil Technical Committee took place in October 8th 2009, in the BIREME/PAHO/WHO headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. It is a role of the Technical Committee to support the development of the VHL Network in Brazil, through the exchange of knowledge and experience in the expansion of the model.

Currently, the VHL Brazil Technical Committee is formed by the following VHL Network instances:

VHL Adolpho Lutz – Representing by Ivone Pereira de Sá/ Magali Romero Sá/ Jaime Benchimol – FIOCRUZ/COC

VHL Primary Health Care – Representing by Aldiney José Doreto – Ministério da Saúde/DGES

VHL Infectious and Parasitary Diseases – Representing by Mônica Garcia/ Diones Ramos da Silva/ Luciana Danielli de Araujo – FIOCRUZ/ICICT

VHL Professional Education in Health – Representing by Creuza Stephen/ Cristiane Andrade/ Luciana Danielli de Araujo – FIOCRUZ/EPSJV

VHL Nursing – Representing by  Francisco Lana – UFMG/EE

VHL Homeopathy – Representing by Dr. Matheus Marin/ Rosângela Brambilla – AMHB/APH

VHL Integrality – Representing by Roseni Pinheiro/ Sandra Infurna – UERJ/FAPERJ

VHL Odontology – Representing by Lúcia Maria S.V. Costa Ramos / Maria Claúdia Pestana – USP/FO

VHL Psychology – Representing by Maria Imaculada Cardoso Sampaio – Instituto de Psicología/USP

VHL RIPSA – Representing by  Haroldo Lopes dos Santos – DATASUS/MS

VHL Public Health – Representing by Maria do Carmo Avamilano Alvarez / Maria Imaculada da Conceição  – FSP/USP


Adalberto O. Tardelli – Director

Ministry of Health of Brazil

Sandra Teixeira – Head of the Virtual Health Library / CGDI/MS

Shirlei Gonçalves Rodrigues – Coordinator of Library / CGDI/MS

PAHO Brazil

Nando Campanella – Coordinator / UT Knowledge Management

Updated: April 15, 2013.