Instances of Governance

Instances of Governance

Composition and Functions of Governance Instances VHL Brazil

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary has the task of promoting the effective functioning of the Advisory Committee and the Executive Committee, performing functions of coordination and promotion of VHL Brazil, organizing in-person and remote regular meetings and ensuring the upgrade and operation of responsibility matrix. The Executive Secretariat is formed by the Ministry of Health of Brazil and BIREME / PAHO / WHO.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the VHL Brazil is composed of representatives of all VHL national instances and serves to support the development of the VHL Network in Brazil, through the operation of information sources in a decentralized manner from the VHL methodology, keeping its contents updated and given technical training to track the adjustments and methodological and technological development of the VHL.

Executive Committee meeting documents

Advisory Committee

The VHL Advisory Committee Brazil began during the VII Meeting of the VHL Network Brazil, in May 2014, with representations to the different areas and health sectors, with the main function to deliberate on strategic decisions for the development and continuous evaluation of the VHL Brazil. It was then signed the Commitment Act to Strengthen the VHL Brazil.

Meetings of the Advisory Committee