Specialized Areas

  • BBO – Brazilian Bibliography in Odontology

    BBO is a database of national literature in Odontology, edited since 1996, under the responsibility of the Odontology Documentation Service of Universidade de São Paulo. Contains books, thesis and periodicals, in addition to papers published by national authors in foreign and non-specialized journals. In cooperation with the System of Specialized Information in Odontology (SSIO), it gathers since 1991 the national scientific production in this area and is available in the online format and in CD-ROM.

  • BDENF-Nursing Database

    A database specialized in nursing, developed by the J. Baeta Vianna Library, from the Health Campus/Federal University of Minas Gerais. Created in 1988 as an initiative to facilitate the diffusion and access to publications in this area of knowledge, usually absent in national and international literature. It has been developed with the support of the UFMG Nursing School Development Project and BIREME, under the commitment of feeding the LILACS Database. Includes bibliographic reference and summaries of conventional and unconventional documents, such as books, manuals, leaflets etc. It Is nowadays maintained by a Brazilian Sub-network of Information in Nursing, which is coordinated by the J. Baeta Vianna Library, and makes up for the lack of Brazilian Literature in Nursing including also retrospective documents.

  • National Collection of the Unified Health System Information Sources

    Catalogue that contains the bibliographic and institutional literature of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, related entities and other organizations that compound the Unified Health System.

  • HOMEOINDEX – Brazilian Literature in Homeopathy

    Bibliographic database with national and international scientific and technical literature in Homeopathy. Created by BIREME and the Sao Paulo Homeopathy Association, uses the LILACS methodology to organize, index, control and display literature in homeopathy. Contains more than 7000 articles, published in significant homeopathy journals.

  • Psychology Databases

    Index Psi Scientific Divulgation
    Referential database with over 24000 references and abstracts from Brazilian journals published since 1949. Maintained by the Brazilian Network of Libraries in Psychology – ReBAP.

    Index Psi Technical and Scientific Journals
    Database that gathers technical-scientific literature in Psychology and provides access to full text whenever available, counting with over 36900 items. It is maintained by the Brazilian Network of Libraries in Psychology – ReBAP and coordinated by VHL Psychology Brazil.

    Index Psi Thesis
    Contains information about over 6700 academic dissertations and thesis in Psychology, and provides access to full text whenever available. The initiative aims to gather the highest amount possible of researches in this knowledge field.

  • RIPSA-Literature in Health Indicators

    Formalized in 1996 by the Ministerial Ordinance and agreement of cooperation with PAHO, Ripsa has the purpose of promoting the adequate and appropriate availability of basic data, indicators and analyses on the health conditions and their trends, with the aim of improving the formulation, management and evaluation capacity of the relevant policies and public actions.

    Normative Acts
    Legal documents regarding the constitution and operation of RIPSA.

    Qualification Records
    The main guidance instrument of the IDB user is the Qualification Record, which shows the concepts and specific criteria adopted in relation to: Conceptualization, Interpretation, Uses, Limitations, Sources, Calculation method, Categories suggested for analysis, Statistic data and regards.

    Literature available for consultation
    Selection of publications on themes discussed by RIPSA.

    Technical publications of reference on the health indicators, developed by RIPSA.

    Access the technical reports developed by the network RIPSA.