Brazilian Health Policies

With the aim of supporting health managers in the country, in this section are available on Health Policy publications produced by the Ministry of Health of Brazil and partner institutions:

  • Strategic Agenda for Health in Brazil. This paper presents the five main guidelines of the strategic agenda for health in Brazil.
  • Know the SUS A to ZWas developed to allow queries practices, covering a broad universe of subjects related to programs and services of health, under the SUS.This is a publication focusing specifically geared to the city manager, who find in this document support to remove doubts as well as guidelines to assist in forwarding effective solutions to the challenges faced in the daily management health.
  • National Policy on Information and Informatics in Health in BrazilIn Brazil, the year 2003 was marked with discussion and the reasons for a proposed national policy on information and informatics in health. Integrated to the construction of the strategic agenda of the Federal Government and the Ministry of Health, policy on information and informatics health was created one of their priority sector targets.This link provides access to the National Information and Computing in Health Proposal Version 2.0 (Includes resolutions of the 12th. National Health Conference). Including in paragraph 14, on page 19 mention of virtual libraries in health. See also: National Policy on Information and Informatics in Health (PNIIS)
  • Policies and Guidelines of the SUSThis section meets National Policies, National Programs, Health Conferences, Guidelines SUS, Dating and Brazilian health-related treaties.